Pregnancy & Infant Loss Month | Coffs Harbour Photographer

Some of you would have known that on September 10th 2018 I gave birth to a sleeping baby boy, Hudson Peter. Hudson is my 4th loss. Being that I was almost 19 weeks, this loss feels and is different to my previous losses, which were all in the first trimester and around the 8-10 week mark.

As October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Month, I wanted to share a little about my story. We need to break the silence for these losses. We need to support and show love to those around us who have suffered these losses. Grief affects each of us so differently and at different stages. My grief is not more important than someone who lost a bub at 8 weeks or 5 weeks or 40 weeks. It is hard for us to understand why these things happen….and sometimes we will never know. Those of us who are going through this feel lots of guilt, wondering what we could have done differently. We feel sadness and have a hole that the baby/babies would have filled. Grief takes time.

I feel I am in a good place with my grief and I am moving forward day by day. For some that grief can be overwhelming and very hard for others to understand. For those of you who know someone dealing with a loss, be compassionate. Listen and let them speak. Talking about what they are going through helps the process, until we process grief it is hard to move forward….but this takes time and this time varies for different people.

So here is my story, thanks for watching. Be kind to those around you….we all can use a bit of kindness.